When the sanctuary was dedicated in 1928, included were numerous memorial windows telling some specific story (usually a Bible theme or event).  There are four (4) large windows (North, South, East West),  eight (8) smaller story windows below the balconies (North, South and East), and twelve (12) split along both sides of the cloisters (north and south).  In addition are approximately, eleven (11) windows of color glass with out story.
Individuals memorialized were either church members or related to the church in some manner. They include a pioneer pharmacist, an early Methodist District Superintendent, an early legislator and others.  Groups donating included the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WTCU) and two Sunday School classes.

The windows were supplied to the church from the Kansas City Stained Glass Window Company, Inc. of Kansas City and St. Joseph, Missouri.  They were a popular supplier of art glass to churches and private homes.
Detail of one of the four large "story" windows. This is "The Good Shepherd".

A view in the sanctuary showing the east entrance and its large window over the balcony, "Christ and the Children."
A black and white detail of one of the smaller 'story windows'  this one on the Ascension.
This historic and inspirational guide to the windows will be a fundraising project to help support the historic preservation of the windows and the sanctuary.

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